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Which doctor can help me with varicose vein treatment?

vein specialist Perth
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vein specialist Perth

Specialist varicose vein treatment Perth

2 different groups of ‘vein doctors’

If you have varicose veins and you want them to be removed, you might consider seeing a vein specialist. Lots of doctors call themselves vein specialists, so let’s take a closer look at the differences between the types of specialists.

There are 2 main groups of physicians that call themselves ‘vein doctors’:

  • Vascular surgeons
  • Phlebologists (may include Interventional Radiologists)
In this article, I will give you an insight into the similarities and differences between those 2 groups.

Vascular surgeon for varicose vein treatment

Vascular surgeons are medical doctors who have completed medical school, followed by an extensive vascular surgery education and training program.

In my case, I gained international training experience and obtained a Fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons in the UK and a Fellowship from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons here in Australia.

Dr Nishath Altaf Vascular surgeon Perth
Dr Nishath Altaf

Vascular surgeon Perth

Vascular surgeons treat both veins and arteries through the entire vascular system, and this is a big difference from the other groups mentioned. Vascular surgeons are trained in treating all venous and arterial conditions, such as abdominal aortic aneurysms, peripheral artery disease, carotid artery disease and managing diabetic foot disease. Treatment may include invasive and non-invasive surgery.

Perhaps the main thing to remember is that a vascular surgeon has a broad perspective and understanding of the entire vascular system, and is qualified to perform all types of procedures, such as cosmetic and life-saving surgeries.
Dr Nishath Altaf Vascular surgeon Perth
Dr Nishath Altaf

Vascular surgeon Perth

Phlebologist for varicose vein treatment

Phlebologists are medical doctors specialising in vein issues. They have completed a course in phlebology offered by a recognised organisation, such as the Australasian College of Phlebology. However, it’s important to notice that there is no formal recognition of phlebology as a medical specialty in Australia.

Phlebologists may perform endovenous laser treatment or sclerotherapy, but they are not typically considered surgeons. For example, if a problem arises, phlebologists must send their patient to the hospital through the emergency room and a vascular surgeon may deal with the complication.

Interventional radiologists are phlebologists that often have developed varicose vein treatment expertise through multiple courses however it’s not their primary specialty. Interventional radiologists have undergone very specialised residency training but they are not trained to perform invasive surgery.

Vascular surgeon varicose veins

Why see a vascular surgeon for varicose vein treatment?

Two main reasons to see a vascular surgeon for varicose veins

In summary, all 2 groups of vein doctors can treat varicose veins. So why see a vascular surgeon for varicose vein treatment? I believe there are two main reasons why patients often come to that conclusion:
  1. Expertise in the entire vascular system: Many vein diseases are easy to treat. However, if left undiagnosed, some diseases can lead to complications, becoming even life-threatening. When you have varicose veins, you want to know what the underlying cause is and you want a doctor who understands the entire vascular system, beyond just the treatment for varicose veins. Vascular surgeons are the only medical doctors that have this type of expertise.

  2. Open surgery and private health insurance cover: Unfortunately, only open surgery for varicose veins is covered by private health funds. I regret this, as some non-invasive treatments have proven better outcomes. However, in some cases, open surgery is the only option for patients, and I am glad I can offer this option to people who need it. Some patients also deliberately opt for open surgery, because it is covered by private health.
Vascular surgeon Perth | Dr Nishath Altaf

Dr Altaf vein specialist Perth

Why Dr Altaf for varicose vein treatment in Perth?

I developed a passion for varicose veins during my training when I saw a lot of patients with venous ulcers.
These patients had a very poor quality of life and were in pain. They tended to have chronic venous insufficiency with varicose veins as the causative factor in developing these ulcers. Treating the varicose veins on top of managing the ulcers, resulted in quicker healing of these ulcers and even more importantly, kept them healed. Experiencing excellent outcomes with venous surgery has reinforced my belief in the importance of varicose veins management.
Dr Nishath Altaf Vascular surgeon Perth
Dr Nishath Altaf

Vascular surgeon Perth

Like many of us, I believe that prevention is better than cure. So I have developed my skills to offer the best and optimal treatment for my patients.

Six reasons to book an appointment with Dr Altaf

  1. I have expanded my services to treat all types of varicose veins – from those that are just cosmetic to those veins that are associated with venous ulcers.

  2. As I have trained in the UK and in Australia, I was able to gain experience in a wide variety of varicose vein surgical management situations. From open surgery to laser endovenous ablation and sclerotherapy. I also had an opportunity to train in the United States to further my experience.

  3. I have often presented and published on endovenous ablation of varicose veins: I then used the techniques that I learned and finetuned them to offer the best and most appropriate technique to the individual patient.

  4. One size does not fit all. I look at the anatomy of the varicose veins and consider your own wishes. Sometimes there is not just 1 treatment that is required – but different types of treatment may be required to remove varicose veins.

  5. I also have endovascular skills in which other causes of varicose veins can be investigated and treated. Eg: May-Thurner syndrome and Pelvic Congestion Syndrome – these are uncommon causes of varicose veins and may require management with venous stenting (for May-Thurner syndromes) or embolisation of ovarian veins (for Pelvic Congestion Syndrome).

  6. I treat patients in the public sector ( RPH and SJOG Midland) as well as privately.
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