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“My goal? To help improve your quality of life”

Dr Altaf Nishath | Vascular and endovascular surgeon Perth
Dr Nishath Altaf has always nurtured his main purpose: To help people improve their quality of life, or in other situations prevent morbidity and mortality.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to vascular surgery. I address your individual needs with the most appropriate and best management option. This is a joint decision. There is no rush during my consultations; The appointments take as long as they need to take. 

Dr Nishath Altaf Vascular surgeon Perth
Dr Nishath Altaf

Vascular and endovascular surgeon Perth

As a vascular and endovascular surgeon in Perth, Dr Altaf builds on his extensive training in the UK and here in Perth. He believes that – in order to help patients – a surgeon thrives when he has a genuine passion for the skills that are needed.

It started for Nishath after his years as a junior doctor in Manchester, and then in Leicester and Nottingham throughout his surgical training.

When I was first exposed to vascular surgery, my role models and mentors in the UK showed me a future based on focus, high standard of care and the variety of treatment options in vascular and endovascular surgery. 

Dr Nishath Altaf Vascular surgeon Perth
Dr Nishath Altaf

Vascular and endovascular surgeon Perth

One of the first realisations that confirmed Dr Altaf’s passion for vascular medicine was the fact that other surgeons would call on vascular surgeons when excessive bleeding happens in other types of surgery. Find out more about why Dr Altaf chose to be a vascular surgeon, including four special reasons one one you may not expect.

In addition to his passion for patient care – improving the patient’s quality of life, Dr Altaf discovered a second professional purpose in the field of research. Research is not a goal in itself. For him, ongoing efforts in vascular research are important to keep improving the care levels in surgery and beyond.

+40 peer-reviewed publications

Dr Altaf’s passion for research led to a PhD in vascular surgery at Nottingham University, and to the publication of numerous papers and presentations at international conferences. 

Dr Nishath Altaf prides himself in the impact of his research work, with the outcomes now being used in Perth as well as in the UK, USA and Europe.

Many of the improvements in vascular surgery occurred here in Perth, which is obviously an additional benefit for patients who are looking for a vascular or endovascular surgeon in WA.

Passion for technology and innovation

Dr Nishath Altaf is Head of Department of Vascular Surgery at Royal Perth Hospital.

Being in the public system – I get access to the most recent technology and innovations in the field of vascular surgery. I take that experience with me when I see patients in private hospitals. 

Dr Nishath Altaf Vascular surgeon Perth
Dr Nishath Altaf

Vascular and endovascular surgeon Perth
Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor at Curtin University

Dr Altaf believes that patients can find excellent medical care in both the public and private systems here in Australia and that you deserve the best level of care no matter which system you fall under. 

Educational activities

  • AVT – I am the convenor of this national education course
  • WAVE PERTH – I am the director of this national education course
  • I am Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor at Curtin University where I teach med students/registrars and other consultants in new technologies

Meet Dr Altaf's team

Dr Altaf - Mel


Curtin University - Bachelor of Science (Nursing), A5M accreditation, ANF, Qualified Nurse injector (cosmetics)

Mel has worked in various roles before starting as Dr Altaf’s practice nurse in 2021. She worked at Fremantle Hospital and St John of God Murdoch Hospital and various private practices. Mel has a special interest in integrative/functional medicine and preventative medicine, such as prevention of chronic (venous) disease and prevention of ulcers and other circulatory issues. At Dr Altaf’s private practice Mel assists during surgery and microsclerotherapy, and is responsible for procedure setup and patient follow up.
Dr Altaf - Simon


BSc (Medical Imaging), MSc (Medical Ultrasound),

Simon underwent training both locally here in Perth and later in Melbourne, honing his skills in the diagnostic ultrasound field. With a career spanning over two decades, he has gained extensive experience in both tertiary hospital and private clinic settings, both locally and internationally. Ultrasound involves using sound waves to produce diagnostic images of the body. It requires a high level of skill and knowledge to accurately interpret these images. The diagnostic challenge is exciting, striving to identify abnormalities and a correct diagnosis. Working with Dr Altaf offers a unique and fulfilling experience. It combines the intellectual challenge of a specialised field with the satisfaction of making a positive difference to patients.
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Dr Altaf

Dr Altaf consults in Nedlands, Midland, Carine and Northam.
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