Endovenous thermal ablation

EVLA: a varicose vein gamechanger

In our article featured in Medical Forum, I  discuss how varicose veins are increasingly leading individuals to seek medical consultation. Common symptoms include leg pain, aches, and a sensation of heaviness, which can develop into more severe complications such as swelling or ulcers due to chronic venous insufficiency. Traditional treatment methods involved invasive surgery with a significant risk of complications and a high rate of recurrence.

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Endovenous thermal ablation Perth

Innovations in treatment

The shift towards less invasive treatments has revolutionised the management of varicose veins. Endovenous thermal ablation (EVLA), now recommended by the European Society for Vascular Surgery, uses thermal energy to close off faulty veins. This procedure leads to their gradual breakdown and is performed under local anaesthesia in an outpatient setting. It significantly reduces recovery time and has become the first choice for both patients and practitioners in Australia.

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Embracing innovative solutions

As highlighted in our article, the adoption of minimally invasive procedures like EVLA marks a significant advancement in the treatment of varicose veins. These techniques ensure effective symptom relief and enable patients to return to daily activities with minimal interruption. Continued follow-up and ultrasound imaging are essential to ensure long-term success and optimal healing. This approach not only provides relief but also alleviates the burden on the healthcare system, aligning with modern medical practice standards.